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International art'Alan Exhibition

The International art'ALAN Exhibition was held at the Contemporary Arts Center between 2-12 February 2018. The artworks of 23 photographers from North Ossetia-Alanya and South Ossetia of the Russian Federation and 15 painters of Ossetian-Alan origin from many cities of Turkey were exhibited.

Enver Sheykhov, Head of the Russian Science and Culture Center, Head of the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey Representation, and Natig Guliev, the Center's Representative, attended the opening cocktail of our exhibition, a wreath was laid on behalf of the late Andrei Karlov, the Russian Federation Ankara Ambassador, and a commemoration speech was made. At our opening cocktail, Ossetian Cultural Association Bars Dance Team also gave a short show to reflect Ossetian-Alanian culture. Documentaries about Alans by director-producer Temina Tuaeva from the Russian Federation North Ossetia-Alanya Republic, and director-producer Murat Djusoev's movie 'Mine' and Ossetia3D Ossetia-Alanya promotional videos will be shown in our videoart hall during the exhibition.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the realization of our exhibition.


We would like to thank our supporters for the preparation:
Sevgi Hoskan, Adnan Sariaslan, Sabahat Berkman, Fetin Kesal, Hülya Canbolat, Ercan Parlak, Aydemir Kobat and Aytek Kobat, President of Ossetian Cultural Association Ilyas Aslan, Ismail Eyidogan and Bars Dance Ansamble, Oleg Dzodzikov, Temina Tuaeva, Murat Djusoev and Alan Mamsurov

Photographs by
Mehmet Arslan Guven, Muge Yargic, Ihsan Onur Alpay and Onur Erden

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